Behind The Design

The Story: David Griego began making jewelry on the kitchen table in his small apartment over forty years ago with an arsenal of simple tools and design ideas. Over the years Griego’s jewelry, which includes ringsearringsbracelets and pendants, has evolved into the contemporary styling of his now famous signature designs. 

Born and raised in Santa Fe New Mexico, Griego’s jewelry is inspired by his surroundings. “My designs are unique. I use stones such as Opal, Turquoise and Coral in my jewelry because of their unique color. I also like to do the unexpected and that is why I was one of the first jewelers to use stones that were typically set in silver and set them in yellow gold instead. I was also one of the first jewelers to pair these colorful stones with diamonds.”

It isn’t only David’s creative designs that set his jewelry apart; the creation process is just as unique. “My jewelry is made using whatever techniques are necessary: Lost Wax Casting and fabricating. Based on my sketches, my jeweler hand carves a wax model. We cast all of my jewelry designs in my studio located in Santa Fe. Once the jewelry is cast we then go through the process of sanding, polishing, hand setting diamonds and then hand inlaying a variety of precious stones.

“We us the highest quality materials because our jewelry is made with the intent to be passed down for generations. Our customers can be assured Santa Fe Goldworks stands behind our jewelry and that is why I inscribe my initials on every piece we make.”

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