River Of Love

David Griego's jewelry-making debut was in 1972. With over four decades of satisfied customers throughout the world, Griego continues to build his company's reputation by using only the finest gold and highest quality stones.

The River of Love is Griego's most recognized, signature design. Although sometimes imitated, no jewelry comes close to the quality or level of passion put into each and every piece. One of the details of our collections is the finely crafted diamond pave. The River of Love collection features rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Griego's unique designs can only be found at Santa Fe Goldworks.

Griego and his elite team of craftsmen bring his designs to life in our studios, in the heart of downtown Santa Fe.

The River of Love collection is inspired by the enchanting landscape of New Mexico. This collection features a zig-zag design which is a symbol of the heartbeat and a touching expression of love.

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